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"Home of the Straight Razor"

Why Kut City Barbershop?

With a multicultural and diverse environment unlike any other, there is no question why we work. We have some of the hottest barber/ stylist in town!

Check out what makes us special!

  • Excellent career choice "$20 billion industry"

  • Multicultural/ diverse atmosphere

  • Potential to make at least $1000-$2000 weekly

  • Each location has its own Clientele base

  • Wi-Fi and 50”  TV’s at each location

  • Facilities fully equipped with breakroom, kitchen, washer/ dryer

Kut City Barbers is the hottest branded franchise of barber shops in Columbus, OH. We are currently looking for motivated professional barbers/ barber stylist to join our team. Please complete the application below and we'll have a member of our team reach out!

Let's get acquainted! Explore the opportunities at Kut City Brand, TODAY!


Are you a licensed stylist or barber?

Thanks for submitting!

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